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My name is Al Andzik. I have been an amateur radio operator since 1976 and have a General class license.  The purpose of this site is to promote amateur radio by providing links to relative technology sites and sharing the experience myself and others have had on the air and in the shack.


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  1. Al,
    Just saw your design referenced in a video on Ham Nation and found it to be quite inspiring. I particularly like the rugged, broadband and highly efficient characteristics of Cu pipe as a construction material. I think I will join you in the experimentation. More to follow.
    Steve W4OEP

  2. Sorry for the late reply. It depends on the mode of transmission. If you are doing FM repeater work you would orientate it vertically. If using it for SSB then it should be oriented horizontally. Orientations are the same as for a yagi antenna.

  3. Hi Al,
    I decided to build your antenna, but when I put it on my friends analyzer, it shows an SWR of 4:1. I have the measurements listed to about 1/16 of an inch.
    I used LMR400 coax which is kind of thick, so my coil might be a little large (6″ outside diameter) and it’s only 4 loops. Should I try with a smaller coax and see what happens, or do you have other suggestions for tuning?
    Thanks for your time,and thanks for sharing ! 🙂

    KE0HGS (yes it’s new)

  4. Interesting antenna! And the name of it also suits my purpose (have numerous dogs). Howsomeever (made that up myself), just bought a TH-9800 quad band and will make the 144/440 version for repeater and Xband repeater work. Also thinking about adding 6m and 10m..just checking to see if anyone has tried this….The lower bands would probably be wire…

  5. I built this using the plan measurements and RG-58 for feeding and the balun. Got the SWR down to about 1.5 without doing much…I use it for a cross band repeater setup.

  6. I like the cross band repeat idea that Peter had !
    I use it for my every day 2M and 70cm antenna. I live in a deed restricted community and they don’t let me put up any antennas. I just stick this one out of the window.

  7. Hi Al,

    I love the “mighty Woof” design you published. Thank you for putting this out there for us newly minted operators to learn from. I now consider you one of my internet elmers! (Lucky you!?)

    Incidentally, I’m planning a version of this antenna.

    However, I am thinking of modifying it slightly: I’m hoping to mount the lower radiator by using another cpvc coupling at the lower edge as an isolator for my 1/2 in pipe mast (which is mounted to my chimney). I’m also thinking of running the coax trough the lower element: similar theory to a coax dipole.

    I would wrap the coax helically (so as. It to bend too tight if a radius) around
    the mast a few times to serve as my choke.

    The question I have for you: if I am mounting the 2m dipole coaxial with the mast: would a single cpv coupling provide enough isolation between the two or should I plan to put a length of PVC or other non conductive material between the two? (Hoping the answer is no as I’m trying to avoid stressing PVC to highly)

    I’ve also considered making the lower radiator a larger size so that I have a second layer of shielding for the coax that will run through it, but finding a hardware combination to accomplish this is proving difficult unless I can find some 1.25″ copper pipe and appropriate reducers/fittings. (1″ just seems to have to little clearance from arcing and capacitance)

    I’d love to hear any Thoughs you might have…

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